Design a Landing Page Fast with Editor X

Learn how to design a landing page fast with Editor X. Brad Hussey and Darren Alderman rebuild an existing landing page in Editor X, and it’s way easier than what the original page was built on.
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Ever spent 15-20 minutes just adding site styles into your website builder? What about responsive images? Have you ever needed to crop, position, or redesign an image just for mobile to get your landing page looking right? All these nuances when designing a landing page don’t have to be a pain anymore if you use a no-code landing page builder like the Editor X builder. Editor X is the best website builder for landing pages, and this video will show you why.

In today’s video, we’re going to redesign a landing page that was built on Card. Card is a fairly good software when it comes to building pages based on templates, and it’s affordable. But you can build an easy landing page with Editor X in less time, and more customization. We’ve all looked through pages on the internet trying to find a good website landing page builder, but by the end of this video, I’m hoping you’ll see the ease behind knowing how to design a landing page with Editor X. Stop looking for the best landing page builder, and start brining your creative visions to life with Editor X.

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