Day 4 -- Hidden Search Widget -- 50 Projects In 50 Days HTML, CSS & JavaScript 2022

Source Code : https://github.com/AhsanRaza059/Hidden_Search_Widget
50 projects In fifty days - Hypertext Markup Language, CSS, JavaScript is a completely project-arranged web development course using a hypertext markup language, CSS, and JavaScript languages. With the assistance of seventy small-scale projects related to this course, you'll be able to work on your strength and information of these languages that are the foundation of development in a fascinating and rational manner. This course is predicted for beginners, however, individuals with moderate ability will equally use the varied projects of this course to find out new topics and techniques.

What does one learn:
Strengthen programming skills in a hypertext markup language, CSS, and JavaScript utilizing project-based learning
Get aware of a variety of techniques and materials applicable for building specific projects within the most restricted time (ideal for beginners).

This coaching is appropriate for individuals who:
Beginner and intermediate web developers who need to make distinctive and engaging web projects using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Web design
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