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How to become a Data Analyst / Scientist:
A good question will be specific and give me as much information as possible to help you out. Include things like country, education, and specific job desired.

Bad question: How do I become a Data Analyst?

Common Questions:
❓Roadmap to become a Data Analyst❓
1. Learn a BI Tool like Tableau or PowerBI, FREE COURSE ➡️
2. Learn SQL, FREE COURSE ➡️
3. Learn Python, FREE COURSE ➡️
4. (Optional) Learn Machine Learning, FREE COURSE

❓What do you think about the Google Data Analytics Course❓
It's a great course and I recommend it. I wish it taught Python instead. The IBM one uses Python.

❓Any Data Science project Ideas❓
The best projects are ones that you can talk about passionately in an interview and that can only be done if you thought about the idea yourself. Go onto Kaggle or a government website (like and find an interesting dataset. Try and explore it through exploratory data analysis and then ask yourself questions as you're exploring it. A project will come out of that process. Publish it on GitHub.

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