Dashboard UI UX Design (1/4): Research

Have you ever wanted to follow along with the ACTUAL UX and UI design process of a project? Tons of videos walk you through the process of building a UI from "scratch". But unlike all of those, I want to focus on the raw and uncut UX design process. We'll create a fictional SaaS Dashboard Design Project in today's video. And the design won't be based on any trend, but rather on solving the user experience issues. You'll learn which skills that matter and how you apply them to turn a project brief into final design mockups. We'll be using all kinds of design methods, Figma techniques like auto layout, building components, doing rapid user testing, and documenting and organizing the Figma document for handoff to developers. This is a 4 part video series where I walk you through step by step going from understanding the UX Design Project brief to handing it to developers. Make sure to check out all the resources below referenced in the video!

▬▬▬ Resources ▬▬▬
UX Focus Checklist: https://www.figma.com/community/file/1121949587559572890
OKR FigJam Template:

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▬▬▬ Video Chapters ▬▬▬
00:00 – Intro
00:45 – The Project Brief
01:44 – The Design Process
02:22 – Establish Goals & Understand
05:52 – Framing It
08:34 – Next Steps

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Anik Devaughn
Nova Moosavi

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