Dark Web Explained: Surface vs Dark Web | Create Website in Dark Web

00:00:00 - Introduction
00:01:42 - What is URLs?
00:04:56 - Layers of Internet?
00:06:59 - What is Deep Web?
00:08:52 - What is Dark Web?
00:09:20 - What is Hidden Web?
00:12:24 - Access Dark Web using TOR
00:16:53 - How to create a website in Dark Web?
In this video from WsCube Tech, you will get complete knowledge and information about the layers on the internet.

We can only access 5% of the data available on the internet. The rest of the 95% data includes deep web, dark web, hidden web, Mariana's web, etc.

You might have heard that there are illegal activities on the dark web. Get to know if that is true or just rumors. You will get to know how users keep their anonymity on the web and access the data that is not visible to regular users on the web.

Understand the concept of URL and get to know how the dark web is different from the deep web. The hidden web is the part of the internet that is not accessible to everyone, and this concept is explained in this video as well.

The tor browser is used to access the websites on the dark web, and our trainer will explain how to install that. The long list of websites that run on the dark web is also shown in this video. The complete information about onion extension is also given in this video.

You will learn to create a website URL on the dark web with practical implementation. You will also learn how to make websites on the deep web and complete information about the layers on the internet.

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