DAO Basics with Alyse Sue

Speaker: Alyse Sue, Founding Member of FutrDAO and Transhuman Coin
Moderator: Isabelle Lee, Program Manager at Haymarket HQ

Following our NFT Basics event, take the next step and learn all about Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs). In this beginner-friendly session, we take you through the DAO basics, including:

• What is a DAO? How do they relate to NFTs?
• How do they work? What are the benefits and risks?
• How can you participate in a DAO?
• Example of DAOs
• Q&A: put your questions in the chat

This event was recorded on March 1st, 2022.

FutrDAO: https://www.futrdao.xyz/
Transhuman Coin: https://www.transhumancoin.finance/
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