Daily Journal Vlog: Midterms & Valentine's & Web Design | Hobonichi Cousin Planner 2022

Beware: Lots of pink ^__^

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♥ Planners I Use ♥
Hobonichi cousin planner
Archer & Olive Bullet Journal: http://archerandolive.refr.cc/helenwang
Leuchtturm Notebooks

♥ Pens I Use ♥
Energel Clena 0.5mm (for bullet journals and most planners)
Energel Clena 0.4mm (for Hobonichi planners)
Muji Gel Pen 0.5mm
Tombow dual brush pens
Tombow fudenosuke brush pens (usually the soft brush tip)

♥ Frequently Asked Questions ♥

Q: Do you plan before, during, or after the week?
A: It varies from video to video, but typically I plan 2-3 times during the week and stitch the clips together. I rarely plan the entire week in advance or the entire week retroactively.

Q: Do you use all of these planners?
A: Yes and no. Every week, there is something in my life that takes priority over the others whether it be school, work, or something personal. Depending on the week, I select a few planners that will help me achieve my tasks! So not every planner is used every week.

Q: How do you get so much done in a day?
A: If you watch any of my journaling vlogs, you’ll realize that I have very poor sleeping habits and so naturally I’m able to fit more things into the day. It’s something I’m trying to fix but admittedly this is the only reason.

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