Dacia: an attractive design that doesn’t cost more | Simple and authentic, the strength of Dacia

Dacia: an attractive design that doesn’t cost more | Simple and authentic, the strength of Dacia

The appeal behind the design of Dacia's latest models is that it is simple and authentic, it imbues a sense of sturdiness and the pull of adventure. British-born Miles Nürnberger has been Dacia Director of Design since June 2021. Having spent 14 years at Aston Martin, he now gives us a keen perspective on how the Dacia design gained greater appeal without increasing the price of the cars.

Design has not always been Dacia's strong point when the brand was reborn 18 years ago. The first-generation Logan was primarily intended to be the cheapest new car on the market. However, for several years and especially with the current range (Duster, Sandero, Jogger), the design of Dacia became really attractive. Of course, this transformation did not happen overnight. It is the result of an increasingly thorough application of the Dacia brand philosophy at all stages of model development. Starting first and foremost with smart and efficient design.

Simple and authentic, the strength of Dacia
Miles sees the brand’s leading design hallmark is that each model meant to be readily distinguished from the others at a glance. Duster is a ‘real’ off-roader, Jogger is the ‘real’ family car. "At Dacia, what you see is what you get" explains Miles. A principle inspired from the WYSIWYG that revolutionized text and HTML page editors for the Web.

Dacia has a very practical vision of automotive that covers its customers’ most essential needs. Determining what is or will be essential on vehicles sold in 2 to 3 years’ time while refusing to constantly add more means that bold design choices must be made. Miles sees the creative process as “something pure, almost fundamental”. "Dacia is a challenge. You really have to be quite frugal. At Aston Martin, you could design with little and sell for a lot. At Dacia it is the exact opposite. And it’s not any easier!"

The design of Dacia cars has greatly evolved through the power of engineering. The new CMF-B platform makes for a larger wheelbase, with all four wheels pushed further outwards, wider tracks, and larger diameter wheels. The modern base is essential in achieving harmonious and contemporary proportions on the latest models.

You have to keep in mind that the automotive market follows trends, and fashion comes and goes. At Dacia, designers are liberated from the yoke of all things ephemeral. Every part and each piece of equipment is designed with great thought given to their true utility. As Miles says, “Striping back the bells and whistles and focusing on the basics is not necessarily a thought process that comes naturally.”
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