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About Rex Academy:

Rex Academy offers a concise, turnkey computer science curriculum and learning platform designed to prepare students with 21st-century skills. Rex Academy’s project-based curriculum prioritizes student success through individualized experiences. Features such as automatically graded assessments and courses designed to be taught by non-experts make it easy to bring world class computer science instruction to any workforce development organization or school.

K-12 Computer Science Curriculum | Workforce Development IT skills | Online Private Classes.

Key features of our platform include:

1. We offer a project-based curriculum that prioritizes student success with individualized class experiences.
2. Our curriculum includes interactive video lessons and simulations.
3. AI-based SaaS platform that addresses different learning styles.
4. Online lab environment in Microsoft Azure.
5. Career pathways aligned with industry standard certifications.
6. K-12 standards aligned with gamification.
7. In depth analytics for teachers.

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Email us at [email protected]
contact at 972- 215-9962

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