Cybersecurity and Compliance in a Complex Agile Environment

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“Cybersecurity and Compliance in a Complex Agile Environment”
Presented by: Ali Shahrokni | Sales and Product Strategy | SystemWeaver

The complexity in the automotive software and the move towards more connected vehicle sets a high demand on security and quality of vehicles and the services around them. At the same time, the agile revolution and more distributed decision making is well on its way in the automotive industry. Putting these factors together with increasing demand on compliance for quality standards, such as cybersecurity, has the potential of decreasing the productivity and speed of automotive development if not considered proactively. Ali will talk about the factors to consider for being compliant continuously, having clear processes that are easy to monitor, designing data chains and integrated toolchains to address this challenge.

Ali Shahrokni is the product owner for SystemWeaver’s cybersecurity solution and a part of the product management team at Systemite.
Ali holds a PhD in the field of software engineering focused on software robustness. Since 2014, he has helped many industry leading and growing automotive companies mainly in the areas of process and toolchain architecture, system design, standard compliance as well as technical and strategic leading. Cybersecurity and functional safety have been two of the in-depth topics during this work.

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