Customer Appreciation Gift (2022) from Sure-Fit Designs to you!

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This year, our Sure-Fit Designs™ Customer Appreciation Gift is a Design & Sew Along – Martha’s Double Twisted Knot Top. This gift is available only until Oct. 5, 2022. To get your gift, go to then during Checkout, use the Discount Code TKTFREE. Enter this code immediately before the Pay button. Refunds will not be issued if you forget to use the 100% discount code. Copyright© 2022 Ranita Corporation, Sure-Fit Designs™, Star, Idaho.

Sure-Fit Designs™ provides an easy fitting, designing and sewing system that allows you to blueprint your body shape and size using your exact measurements, which results in a personalized sloper fit. See how simple and easy it is. Learn how the Sure-Fit Designs™ fitting and sewing system can benefit you to achieve a well-fitting sewing pattern for pants, blouses, skirts, dresses, jackets, shirts, children’s wear and men’s pants., you’ll find free sewing and fitting assistance with complete instructional content. Sure-Fit Designs™ provides free educational resources including an Article and Video Library of valuable designing, fitting and sewing techniques. The Sure-Fit Designs™ fitting system is based on your body shape and circumferences. The master patterns range from 28” to 62” (71 cm – 157.5cm) in your bust and hip area. Your body blueprint will fit; the resulting patterns will fit. is our streaming video platform for all Sure-Fit Designs DVD tutorials as well as our Design and Sew Alongs.
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