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CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and it describes how the HTML elements should be shown on a web page. CSS is the language used to style a web page. We can use CSS to style a web page which includes design, layout and variations in display for different devices and screen sizes.

This Kaliyona tutorial explains all the topics in CSS and is designed especially for beginners to help them lay a strong foundation in the web designing. We have covered all the concepts from basic level to advanced level which includes what is CSS and what are the advantages in learning it, element styling, layout designing, etc.

Level: Beginner

Examples/Programs demonstrated in the course can be found here: https://github.com/teamkaliyona/css-zero-to-hero

Content of the Course:

CSS Basics: This section covers a brief introduction to CSS and its advantages, software/technologies required to learn CSS, Syntax, types of stylesheets, different selectors used and the usage of colors in CSS.

CSS Element Styling: In this module, we have explained the element styling in CSS which includes Text and Font Styling, Links, Lists, Tables and Forms. Each of these topics are explained with relevant examples.

CSS Advanced: This section covers all the advanced level topics in CSS which includes Box Model, CSS Layout, Flexbox, Grid and Animations.

Benefits of the Course:
1. Clear understand of all CSS concepts
2. Helps to master CSS from beginner to advanced level
3. Hands-on Demo for every topic covered
4. Quiz to test the learning
5. Course completion certificate

1. Basic understand of HTML
2. A Desktop/Laptop to try hands-on examples
3. A text editor (Notepad/Sublime) and a browser (Chrome/Firefox). Alternatively, use codepen online editor.

Targeted Audience:
1. Anyone interested to learn HTML
2. Looking to learn CSS and lay a strong foundation in web development
3. Anyone planning to start their career as UI developer or UI/UX designer
4. Preparing for interviews as a UI developer or UI/UX designer

Materials Included:
1. On-demand videos
2. Hands-on examples for each topic
3. Quiz to test the learning
4. Programs/Examples covered in the course
5. Course Completion Certificate
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