CSS Tutorial for Beginners | 013 CSS HSL Colors | iFarouq Tech

CSS Tutorial for Beginners | 013 CSS HSL Colors | iFarouq Tech

Hi everyone, this is our 13th EPISODE in the series "LEARN CSS FROM SCRATCH". In this episode, how to use HSL color on our text elements specifically, as well as background, and entire web pages with any color we want to use, all in CSS.

In this video you will learn:
- How to use HSL value to apply color on you web page.
- How to simply apply any kind of color you wish.
- How to simply shade color from higher contrast to lower.
- How to use two method of apply color to web page using HSL Values or HSLA Values, and so on.
So do not just stand by, hurry-up and click on the link below to get started...

Stay with me from beginning of the video to end, I guarantee you, you will find it easier and useful.

I highly recommend you to learn HTML before CSS if you are newbie/beginner to "Web Development/Design". With HTML experience, you will find it much easier to understand CSS concept, and understand why do we need CSS in building our web pages.

~ HTML Tutorial for Beginners = https://cutt.ly/UcwD5KJ​
~ CSS List = https://youtu.be/tvwsZpNW7Ks
~ CSS Comments = https://youtu.be/Ka8KSjVF6bs
~ CSS Colors = https://youtu.be/E1a19v7UQ3g
~ CSS RGB Color = https://youtu.be/5KFvXfJnRHQ
~ CSS HEX Color = https://youtu.be/9YO6MsjFHiY

~ 013 CSS HSL Colors (Chapter Eleven IV) = https://cutt.ly/rYyjM3x

Stay with iFarouq Tech to learn CSS from Scratch. Feel free to ask any question regards to what we have thought or anything related to web Development or make any suggestion on something I made wrong, so that I may correct it the way it will suite your need. Thank You!

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