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26 నిమిషాల్లో ఉత్తమ CSS తెలుగు కోర్సు with live example and coding, so that You become super confident in designing any Web Sites with Styles.

This is not just a CSS tutorial for beginners in Telugu, rather
a Zero to Hero Course of CSS in Telugu and is organized as below

00:00 What is the use of CSS in Web site designs
01:25 Inline, Internal and External methods of Giving Styles in Web Pages
05:55 Page, class, id ,tag, pseudo-class & pseudo-element Styles in Telugu
12:34 Colors, Background Images & Color Gradience, Border Styles in Telugu
15:58 Float and CSS Animations
18:40 Text formatting and Styling HTML forms
24:20 Transformations, CSS Code Comments and Further Improvements

Hope You really liked this A-Z Telugu CSS Course

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