Crezco Branding and Web Design by Tubik

Crezco is the financial service that employs technology to eliminate unnecessary costs and frictions to trading for businesses, bringing suppliers and buyers together and supporting their growth.

Crezco enables its users to make payments cheaper and faster but with no loss in convenience. The task for the tubik team was to work on solid brand identity and an effective website that would transfer the company’s values and product benefits to the customers and help them take advantage of the offered services flawlessly.

See the detailed design case study https://tubikstudio.com/works/crezco

Check Crezco website https://www.crezco.com/

Join the discussion about Crezco project on Behance https://www.behance.net/gallery/136416479/Crezco-Brand-Identity

Visit Tubik website https://tubikstudio.com/
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