Creative MATTERS in Advertising ft. Jeff Minnichbach | Perfectly Mentored

On Episode #143 of Perfectly Mentored Jason welcomes Jeff Minnichbach, entrepreneur and owner of NoLimitCreatives to the show to pick his brain about everything from running and scaling a remote business to choosing the right types of creatives and more!

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Jason Portnoy is a digital marketer, consultant/coach, speaker, husband and father. Showing you the truth behind entrepreneurship, building a brand, digital marketing, and everything in between.⁠⠀
When not helping brands scale to 7 figures and beyond, at his agency, JPORTmedia, he hosts the successful podcast, Perfectly Mentored, where he interviews all your favorite entrepreneurs, influencers and personalities. ⠀
Thank you for joining us for this episode! Let me know your biggest takeaways from this episode!

Were you always an entrepreneur? [1:12]
What were you doing before No Limit Creatives? [1:50]
How did you come up with the idea for No Limit Creatives? [2:52]
How did subscription services play out in terms of dealing with your other clients? [4:00]
What were some of your biggest lessons while scaling NLC? [5:03]
What’s your advice to entrepreneurs who feel lots of pressure in terms of losing customers to their competitors? [7:18]
How do you keep your current clients happy while being able to scale? [9:37]
How do you stay as lean as possible? [11:29]
When COVID hit, how big of an advantage did being a remote business give you? [13:05]
What are some of the biggest struggles of running a remote business? [14:24]
How do you maintain a business culture in a remote environment? [16:06]
Is there a difference between organic and paid ads in terms of creatives? [16:58]
How do you stay on top of trends? [19:25]
What type of creative should e-commerce brands use? [21:18]
What about non-e-comm businesses? [22:35]
What’s your advice for entrepreneurs who don’t know where to begin? [24:20]
Do graphic designers blame you for losing their jobs? [27:16]
When you hire overseas, sometimes there is a language barrier. How do you deal with that? [28:26]
What’s your workday like? [31:08]
What’s your advice to entrepreneurs about putting out everything on social media? [32:42]
What’s next for NLC? [33:30]
What are the top dos and don’ts for creatives? [34:16]
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