Creating Docker Desktop Extensions - How To Guide

At DockerCon 2022, Docker announced two exciting areas, the introduction of Docker Desktop for Linux and Docker Desktop Extensions.

I converted my popular Open Sourced Dive Into Ansible Lab into a Docker Desktop Extension as one of the first public Docker Desktop Extensions!

In this video I share with you the process for creating your own Docker Desktop Extensions, the lessons learnt and the sources for my extension which you can re-use for your own needs.

If you're looking to create a Docker Desktop Extension, this will give you the boost needed to fast-track your extension creation.

Resources Mentioned:

Felipe Cruz Docker Blog: https://www.docker.com/blog/build-your-first-docker-extension/?utm_campaign=2022-05-19-brnd-extensionhowtoblog&utm_medium=blog&utm_source=linkedin
Dive Into Ansible Extension GitHub: https://github.com/spurin/diveintoansible-extension
Docker Desktop Extensions SDK: https://docs.docker.com/desktop/extensions-sdk/
Docker Extensions CLI Repository: https://github.com/docker/extensions-sdk/releases
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