Create your own News Website using HTML CSS JavaScript

Full Responsive News Website Using HTML CSS & JavaScript | Fetch API

In this video you will learn how to create a fully responsive news website using HTML CSS & JavaScript and dynamically add latest news using Fetch API

0:00 Intro
3:10 Navbar
9:00 Page 1 HTML
12:13 Styling Breaking News Section
16:24 Styling Top Headlines Section
21:55 Custom Scroll Bar
23:55 Page 2 HTML (Different Category News with News Cards)
26:40 Styling News Cards
33:10 News API Website
33:55 Fetching News data using Fetch API
38:18 Dynamically adding Breaking News from Data received
45:00 Dynamically adding Top Headlines
51:32 Dynamically Adding different category News
57:00 Footer
1:13:33 Sticky navbar using JavaScript
1:18:12 Using media query (1024px)
1:25:48 Using media query (768px)
1:26:38 Adding Hamburger menu button
1:39:20 Using media query (600px)
1:47:33 Using media query (425px)

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