Create Your Own Athletic-Inspired Website: Learn from a Web Design Agency Owner

In business, nothing happens by accident—every success results from a carefully calculated strategy, which includes website design. Website design consists of artistry, skill, experience, and well-developed processes.

Each new website unveiled for clients is a mix of anticipation and celebration for a web design agency. It results from many weeks and months of brainstorming, brand building, marketing strategy, digital strategy, consumer and competitor research, internal discussions, and more.

Why the tremendous amount of planning?

Simple—without adequate preparation, there is no way to know if the website is well-equipped for traffic and purchasing products and services.

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[0:00] - Intro
[0:36] - Skip Intro
[0:58] - Tailored Discovery
[3:30] - Goal Setting
[4:19] - Planning
[6:59] - Web Design and WireFraming
[9:25] - Development
[11:25] - Testing and Launch
[12:29] - Maintenance
[13:24] - Outro
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