Create your first HTML/CSS/JS project

In this video, Web Developer Brendan will walk you through setting up a website with JavaScript on your own computer. We’re presuming that people watching this will know some basic HTML, CSS, text editors, Chrome Dev Tools, and local files and directories.

If that isn’t you, learn HTML and CSS here: https://j.mp/3gQPMkA

More details:
• Using a text editor (we recommend VS Code) – https://youtu.be/Do0tl_u0WZk
• Using Chrome Dev Tools – https://youtu.be/VuQ4pF_hfag
• Creating an HTML website on your own computer – https://youtu.be/47GaFnnex5w

If you want some more detail on linking your HTML and JS files (it can be tricky your first time!), learn more here: https://youtu.be/EQ0igdJa0MM

If you'd like to tinker with this practice project yourself, fork the repo or download the files here: https://github.com/bmcilhenny/gritt-ify

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