Create an Online Store with Me (Full Tutorial!)

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Hello my friends. In this video, I wanted to share the process of how I take and list photos of my shop products in my store. I used to use a very sterile format for my shop listings, but I've learned that styled flat lays like the ones I took in this video are a lot closer to my brand and aesthetic. I had such a fun time putting these shots together, and I also wanted to share my thought process on creating these listings with the help of my wonderful sponsor, Wix. Do you have a shop? If you do, do you take simple photos or scans of your work or do you style flatlays? While I love showing my process, I am always very keen on learning more, so if you have suggestions or insight on your own process, comment below and let me know!

0:00 Intro
0:25 Taking flatlays of my products
2:23 Overview of Wix interface & sidebar
2:53 Creating your shop page
3:22 Creating product listings
7:04 Tweaking the shop design
7:46 Setting up SEO
8:12 Checking how your shop looks on mobile
8:50 Setting up payments
9:10 Figuring out shipping rates
9:55 Setting up automated emails and coupons
10:26 Automated tax function
10:46 Outtro
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