Create a Website With Zyro! Complete Tutorial - How Good is It? Come Find Out

Let's create a website with the Zyro website builder from Hostinger. Zyro is an unstructured editor with different bebuilt sections and a drag and drop page builder. Check it out! ➡https://davidutke.com/zyro

With this website builder, you get a similar experience to that of Wix or Google Sites in that it's unstructured. It's much more feature rich than Google Sites in that you can add on a blog an ecommerce functionality. It's also nowhere as expensive as a Wix website is.

In this Zyro tutorial for beginners I will show you how to create a website, blog and online store with this website builder. I'll show you how this page builder works, how to customize different sections, how to add pages, blog with Zyro as well as how to set a custom domain.

Zyro also comes with AI tools built in, though they do need to be hammered out a bit better to be a viable option. The AI tools are a page importer, content writer and heat map.

With ecommerce and Zyro it's ideal if you have 10-20 physical products you want to sell, but not ideal for large scale operations. If you want to sell digital downloads like ebooks or a course I would use something like Gumroad and simply embed products into Zyro.

Overall, this is an excellent cost effective website builder. Perfect for anyone who needs a professional business website, blog and prefers a drag and drop editing experience as opposed to a structured editor like Squarespace.

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