Create a web UI with ASP.NET Core

Starting Monday, November 15, 2021 (PST), join Scott Hanselman, Maira Wenzel, Jeff Fritz, Jon Galloway, James Montemagno, and Matt Soucoup live on Learn TV for a five-part series exploring modern web development with .NET 6. Each week, .NET experts will be walking through Learn modules and answering your questions live. From front-end development with Razor Pages and Blazor to backend development with APIs, Static Apps, and microservices, you’ll be guided by easy to digest conceptual content and hands-on exercises.

ASP.NET Core supports creating webpages using a native templating engine called Razor. In this module, you'll learn how to create web pages using Razor with ASP.NET Core. In this episode, you will:

Understand when and why to use Razor Pages for your ASP.NET Core app.
Use the .NET Core CLI to create a new page in the app.
Create a form that supports the app's product data management requirements.
Add client-side form input validation using Razor's Input Tag Helper.
Add server-side model validation using data annotations.
Run and test the web app.
Web design
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