Create A Responsive Tour Travel Agency Website Design Using HTML CSS JAVASCRIPT Step By Step

how to make a complete responsive tours and travel website design using html css and vanilla javascript from scratch.
full Course:https://youtu.be/Q4GSUd6dRdY
create a complete responsive travel agency website design using html css and javascript.
How To Make A Website Header Using HTML And CSS Step By Step | Web Design In HTML & CSS JAVASCRIPT

the main feature of this website are:

✔ responsive header / navbar with toggle menu bar effect.
✔ responsive header / navbar with login / register form.
✔ responsive hero / home section with video slider using vanilla javascript.
✔ responsive book section using flexbox.
✔ responsive packages section using flexbox.
✔ responsive services section using flexbox.
✔ responsive gallery with hover effect section using flexbox.
✔ responsive contact section using flexbox.
✔ responsive footer section using flexbox.
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