Create a full Workout App in Android Studio | Android Workout App Development Tutorial

Create a full Fitness App in Android Studio | Android App Development Tutorial.
hello and welcome to this tutorial and in this tutorial we'll be creating an application which is called as a workout advisor so the workout advisor is basically helping you to go through your workout so for example if you select a chest workout then it is going to list out the workout schedule for you so in order to create this application we first need to select a new android project so we simply click here which is start a new android studio project and let's name this application as workouts advisor then click next and the api level which we are going to select in this case is going to be the api level 15 then we click next and the activity which we are going to choose is going to be the blank activity so make sure that you select the blank activity and then hit next and finally we are going to create our activity and we are going to name this activity as find workout activity
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