Create a Full E-commerce Website Step by Step for Free! Blocksy Theme and Gutenberg Tutorial

In this video we are going to see how we can create a full website step by step for free with the Kadence theme and Kutenberg.

This is a Blocksy tutorial https://creativethemes.com/blocksy/

Assets https://jmp.sh/v8Epc4J

A Gutenberg tutorial

And a Kadence Block plugin tutorial https://wordpress.org/plugins/kadence-blocks/

Ckeck WooCommerce tutorial here https://youtu.be/WJoWagZyvEg

With this video tutorial you will be able to create a local business website that will be extremely fast on loading.

Time Stamps

0:00:00 Intro
0:01:30 Basic WordPress Settings
0:05:10 Install theme
0:07:00 Install Kadence blocks plugin
0:08:05 Create the Pages
0:08:45 Create the Main Menu
0:10:00 Add the images
0:12:15 Edit the Customizer
0:18:05 Create the Header
0:38:10 Edit the Customizer
0:42:40 Create the Home Menu
1:08:00 Create the About Page
1:11:15 Create the Contact Page
1:27:50 Install WooCommerce
1:31:00 Import sample products
1:33:30 Add Shop page in menu
1:34:05 Style the Shop page
1:40:15 Style the Product page
1:44:40 Add cart in the menu
1:46:25 Edit the Checkout page
1:47:35 Add Account link in header
1:49:00 Create the WooCommerce filters
1:55:50 Edit the Breadcrumbs
1:56:50 Add a product
1:57:40 Add product carousel in Home page
2:07:10 Add subscribe form in Home page
2:11:50 Create Footer menu
2:14:50 Create the Footer
2:20:00 Check mobile layout of the website
2:28:45 Edit the Blog Layout
2:24:05 Last changes of the website
2:30:25 Check Website Speed
2:32:00 Outro

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