Create a 1-Person Web Design Business Without Any Tech Skills (+ Make $300+/Day)

Did you know that you can create a web design business with Wordpress without having any tech or graphic design skills? In this video I show you how to build a web design company and how to advertise your website creation service to make $300+ per day.

It's no secret that most brick and mortar companies have absolutely no clue about online advertising or website creation. That is where you come in. By advertising your web design service on various different websites you can attract a huge amount of sales from these brick and mortar companies from all over the world.

Most web design businesses advertise in their local town and they charge huge amounts for the most basic of website. In this video I show you both how to advertise your website creation offer in your home town through classified ads but also how to advertise on various online marketplaces so that you can attract a huge amount of customers which will bring you a massive amount of buyers.

Another option for your web design business is to outsource the website creation once you are getting more than 2 buyers per day. This means that you would work only as a middle man which would give you a passive income from your web design business.

SiteGround Web Hosting: https://fergalsimshow.com/siteground

00:00 Intro
03:28 Creating The Sites
12:00 Advertising Your Web Design Business
15:56 Royalty Free Images
18:15 Portfolio
19:28 Pricing
19:51 Dealing With Customers

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