Crash Course: How to Create A Personal Website Using a HTML Template

I'm often asked how to create websites. So I created this overview of everything websites :D

00:00:00 Table of Contents
00:02:14 What are HTML templates for?
00:04:15 What is HTML, CSS, and JS?
00:14:05 Where to get HTML templates?
00:17:45 What is a domain? Where to get it?
00:21:45 What is hosting? Where to get it?
00:24:22 How to edit templates
00:34:52 HTML Basics
01:00:00 How to use Chrome Dev Tools
01:05:16 Filepaths and URLs
01:16:10 Don't Edit Javascript
01:17:20 How to Edit CSS

Other Resources:
- Understanding File Paths:
- How to Use Github Pages:
- How to Use Google Fonts:
- HTML and CSS In Detail:
- Links to common domain registrars (not sponsored :D):,,,,
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