Crack UIUX Design Internship in 2022 ft. @Ansh Mehra

All that you would ever need to know to crack your dream UIUX Product Design internship in 2022, ft. @Ansh Mehra
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This is Saptarshi (a.k.a. Sapta), an engineer turned self-taught Product Designer based out of Bangalore, India. I have worked with some of the very well known startups of India and learned anything and everything that is needed to create amazing experiences for the users. I'm also an active speaker, teacher and community builder, and have delivered over 60 talks, workshops and webinars on design. In this channel, I post videos with tips, strategies, tutorials and general gyaan to scale your career in Design. If you are into it, you may want to subscribe and hit the bell icon to that you don't miss out :)






The jingles and the background score is composed by Sargam Prakash, an awesome designer and musician. Do check out his channel.

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