Convert Web Design To Real Website Prototype FAST (HTML & CSS)

Hey, Pixels! If there’s one question I always get on my web design tutorials it’s how to turn a website designed in Adobe XD into an actual website–which for most websites at its core, starts with HTML & CSS.

You don’t want to miss this video because I teamed up with Anima to show you how to turn one of my most popular website design into a REAL responsive website prototype, in just 5 easy steps, with HTML & CSS.

Anima sign up - https://link.animaapp.com/3sYBofq
Anima homepage - https://link.animaapp.com/3z1ESSa

Remember, practice makes #xopixelPerfect!
⏰ Chapters
0:00 Intro
0:09 Most asked question!
0:40 Anima
1:19 Step 1: Responsive Website
2:23 Step 2: Hover Effect
3:19 Step 3: Video
4:28 Step 4: Social Links
5:35 Step 5: Export Code
7:56 Inspect Code
8:17 Share
8:39 Outro

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Practice Makes #xopixelPerfect
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Filmed & Edited by Marisa Blair

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