Containers- Building A Page

Before you start building your website, you need to understand what it means to 'build' a website. This video will explain the logic behind this process. It will also explain the different starting points Elementor offers, from a blank page to a full site kit, and help you understand which starting point is best for your needs.

Visit our Help Center for the full guide on how to learn about Flexbox Containers:

***A short guide to the ‘Introduction to layout with containers’ series:

The first 5 videos contain basic knowledge and concepts for beginners in regards to building a page, layout, and flexbox containers.

Video 1- Introduction to Containers-
Video 2- Building a page-
Video 3- Introduction to layout-
Video 4- Creating a layout with containers-
Video 5- How many containers should you use-

The last 4 videos focus on the flexbox container’s settings and capabilities.

Video 6- Container settings-
Video 7- Item settings-
Video 8- Move and reuse-
Video 9- Responsiveness-

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00:00- In this video
00:19- Building a webpage
01:14- Starting points
02:36- What to consider when building a webpage
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