Confident Knitting: I-Cord Cast Off

This video shows you how to work an i-cord cast off for a neat, professional finish.

This video is part of our Confident Knitting series. The pattern featured in this video is the Prime Blanket by Carol Feller, and it can be found, along with in-depth photo tutorials in our book Confident Knitting. Learn more about Confident Knitting on our website:

We also have a video demonstrating how to pick up stitches in preparation for this cast off which can be found here:

0:00 Introduction
1:01 Cable Cast On Preparation
2:45 Working Basic I-Cord Cast Off Method
3:23 Working a SSK to Join i-Cord To Blanket
3:58 Retuning i-Cord Stitches to Left Needle
5:22 Working Around The Corner
7:24 Resuming Basic i-Cord Cast Off Method
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