Complete Web Development Course By Kalam Academy In Ranchi Students Review

Want to learn web development in Ranchi?
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This course is specially designed for beginners who want to build their careers in the IT industry.
This course cover we cover all major aspect of programing / web designing / web development.
In Kalam Academy 3 month complete web development course you will learn

Week 1 {Introduction Web Development}
Introduction HTML,CSS,JS,PHP, MYSQL Client Side,
Server Side language

Week 2 {HTML Basics}
Alltags, Colors, Links, Files, Table, List, Iframe, Classes, Ids

Week 3 {HTML Details}
HTML Forms CSS Types, Basics Colors Margin Padding,Text, Table, List.

Week 4 {Basics Of CSS & JS}
RWD / Framework

JS basics var operators.. conditional loop

Week 5 {JS Advance}
Array / string / events / functions

Week 6 {JS Application}

Week 7 {PHP & MYSQL Basics}
PHP basics MySql basics

Week 8 {PHP Advance}
var, operators, conditional, loop array, string, function, classes.

Week 9 {CRUD}
CRUD Query

Week 10 {CRUD Using PHP & MySql}
Database connection & More

Week 11 {Project 1}
SignIn / Signup / Sign Out

Concept of Session

Week 12 {Project 2}
Stock Management Project

What next?

Internship & Job option in software development web development web application building in Ranchi

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