[Complete Tutorial] How to make an ecommerce website using Wordpress and Elementor | with Woolentor

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In this tutorial I will show you how to create an ecommerce website using Wordpress and Elementor. This is a step by step and complete tutorial for beginners. Here I have designed minimal ecommerce website from scratch and also used Woolentor plugin for customizing ecommerce pages.

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Overview with Timestamps:
00:00​​ Overview of the tutorial
02:59​ Main steps
03:28 Getting Domain and Hosting
12:50 Install Wordpress
14:51 Cleaning up Wordpress Dashboard
17:48 Install Theme
18:42 Install all plugins

19:28 Import Templates
21:10 Upload products

25:31 Customizing homepage
44:51 Customize Global settings
48:21 Customize header & upload logo
49:40 Customize Footer area

57:34 Responsive fixing

1:01:12 Install Woolentor Pro
1:01:12 Customizing Shop page
1:20:16 Customizing Category pages
1:22:40 Customizing single product page
1:27:50 Customizing Cart page
1:31:28 Customizing Checkout page

1:36:34 Setup payment methods
1:37:27 Manage orders
1:38:32 Woocommerce settings

1:45:20 Customizing others pages
1:50:08 Setup menu

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