Complete Tesla Roadster Website Clone | HTML, CSS, JS

Learn how to build a full modern website clone with on scroll animations and responsive sidebars. Build a complete Tesla Roadster webpage clone using HTML, CSS, JS and AOS JS.

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Project Dependencies:
Image Files:

Google Font:


Vimeo Roadster Unveil Video:

What you will learn:
How to-
- Build a full website clone with a responsive design
- Implement the AOS library to make smooth on scroll animations
- Use JS to add custom animations on scroll
- Build a responsive navbar and collapsible sidebar
- Add responsive videos to the website
- Build advanced CSS flexbox layouts
- And much more...

Original Design:

I do not own any of the images used in this video. All images are simply used as placeholders for the design and belong to Tesla.

Don't hesitate to ask for help if you face any trouble re-creating a project from any of my videos. I will gladly help :)

All of my project are made from scratch by yours truly. I don't take anyone's code as my own, but I do often see my code being copied and pasted into other channels for their tutorials, so of you see an exact copy of a project on another tutorial, just know that the one on my channel is the original one.

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