Complete Roadmap to Become A Web Developer In 1 Year - 2022 | Beginner Friendly | Apoorv Goyal

Can I get a high paying remote job as a college dropout or without a degree? Sure you can and THIS roadmap is for you. If you follow this dead seriously (bootcamp on the same coming soon on my channel), you can easily get up to 25LPA package.

This roadmap is divided into 4 phases, covering different aspects of web development and is also based on making you a T-Shaped Developer - The modern engineers.

It includes -
1. Static Websites & How you can start freelancing!
2. Serverless and Event Driven Architecture
3. Monolithic Architecture
4. Microservice Architecture

I'm Apoorv Goyal, a software engineer with over 4 years of experience in software engineering and web development. I dropped out of college in my first semester and had ZERO knowledge in tech when I started on my own from scratch.

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00:00 Introduction
02:30 Structure of the Roadmap / Bootcamp
03:12 Phase 1 - Static Websites
07:50 Freelancing - Manage your expenses
09:31 Portfolio, Competition, Assignments and Notes
10:42 Phase 2 - Serverless / Event Driven Architecture
15:30 Phase 3 - Monolithic Architecture
23:09 Cracking interviews and getting Jobs
24:17 Phase 4 - Microservice Architecture
27:39 What's Next? Dates
33:38 Advice on How to Approach
35:16 Outro

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