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Hello friends, before we start I need something to tell you. Most of the time I do front-end design websites. They are cool, isn't it?
But the problem is that if you want to add anything, that could be your new project, blog even any picture. you have to edit the code. that's actually a problem.
so why do I do it? because most people host their first website or portfolio on GitHub or any other free platform for only sharing and showing their knowledge. I am not going to mention Heroku or other this type of third-party. for Beginners it's complicated.
My goal is for you to analyze my website code and developed your knowledge so that you can make your own website. But this video is Different, this time we make a portfolio with the backend. it has a beautiful frontend, password-protected admin panel, and of course, responsive also. I bet, you will not find any portfolio website like this on youtube.

My friend Ratul is a Programmer, he made this website for me. you can check out his youtube channel also.
I will give you the source code also. and if you like it we will make a customization video and show to how to install and set it up on any server.

keep supporting guys, don't forget to subscribe. Let's start.

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live demo:

source Code:
or Free!!
(This Free source code is only available for the first 1 day of telegram Group )

------ Important website:

learn web dev: https://www.w3schools.com/
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