Complete Responsive Food / Restaurant Website Design Using HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT - From Scratch

how to make complete responsive food / restaurant website design using html css and vanilla javascript.
create a complete responsive online food website design template using html css and vanilla javascript step by step

the main feature of this website are:
✔ responsive header / navbar with toggle menu bar effect, box-shadow, and active link
✔ responsive home section.
✔ responsive about section using grid / flexbox.
✔ responsive menu section using grid / flexbox.
✔ responsive delivery section.
✔ responsive contact form section.
✔ responsive footer section using grid / flexbox.

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00:00 demo
03:44 file structure
3:56 header section
19:05 home section
25:13 about section
31:23 menu section
39:10 delivery section
42:58 contact section
49:38 share section
53:17 footer section
1:00:42 remove menu bar
1:02:19 active link in menu bar
1:04:01 box-shadow on header
1:06:06 scroll top button
1:08:53 final demo

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