Complete PHP7 and MYSQL MasterClass Course (10 Projects) - learn Web Development

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Complete PHP7 and MYSQL MasterClass Course (10 Projects) - learn Web Development
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Master PHP Concepts by building Real World Applications. Basic PHP Concepts all explained to the minute detail.
PHP Basics,MYSQL and Other Database,Develop real world Applications,Blogging Application,Password Generator
No Requirement for ths Course. To be Frank,Hey you!,Welcome to this Complete PHP 7 and MYSQL masterclass course.,Let me just say you've come to the right place to master PHP and MYSQL to the tip of your finger, this course entails everything that is needed for you to master PHP all in one pack (Procedural, Functional and Object Oriented Programming). Yes it's all in here.,There are 10 projects in this course and I will certainly walk you through every step of the way. I have designed this course in such a way that you won't get bored, sweet codes are all entailed here.,What others are saying.,Monday Ineme: This a really nice course and I can say its really hard to find this type of course in the internet or even here on Udemy. I really learnt a lot and this course is up to date.,Caleb Joseph: This is a very nice course.,And many more...,So what are you waiting for to take this course. I hope you are really excited to dive deep into this course.,Projects in this course:,Simple Calculator.,Password Generator.,Chat bot application.,Flashcard Application.,Blogging System.,Slug App.,Voting App.,And many more...,See you in the course.,Love Chibuike.,Everyone willing to learn,Everyone willing to learn
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