Complete Our First Assignment Tutorial Part -2 || Web design only using by HTML and CSS|| Edureka

When work hard then everything become possible and it make every hard work so easy it was not possible for me to create a video in one day but as you can see I have done it . if i can do it then anybody can also do it so friend keep your self warm and move always head. In this video I try complete every challenge which related to Assignment i hope it will help you guys a lot
go and watch it.

02:10 Big problem must be fixed it before start
03:35 Cost For Two div
15:25 Short div
21:55 Upper Left Side div and Left Bottom div
28:16 Image Inside Side Upper div (Very Important every stack here) watch carefully
28:28 how to get image
29:31 How to Insert image in HTML
32:39 Set Image height and width in CSS
36:35 Headline after Image
46:53 Using hr In HTML
50:45 Using Table in HTML to create CUISINE ,COST FOR TWO , Bakery and ₹ 700
1:09:41 Best site for color picker
1:14:23 Sorry for audio but Watch screen very carefully
1:15:54 Checked box
1:16:30 Pagination
1:26:45 Giving a final touch
Web design
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