Complete Our First Assignment Tutorial Part-1 || web design only using by html and css || Edureka

Hey so many student was asking me how to make logo how make filter how to layout in this video I have create logo also login ,create an account and filter div. I know we have less time but trust me i put my all effect to make it complete for you guys but there are so many topic also need to cover. I hope it will help full to all of you guys

0:00 Create a brand new fille HTML and CSS
01:13 Zeplin login
02:20 Our First div Header
09:00 Logo Creation
16:08 Create Login and Create an Account Link
26:00 Other div with class name layout
27:06 Our First Headline (Brackfast Place In Mumbai)
32:25 Filter div
For login in Zeplin url
Web design
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