Complete Modern Minimalistic Landing Page | HTML, CSS, JS | with Image Slider

Build a modern landing page design from scratch, without any libraries. Build an image slider with pure JS code.

Google Icons Link:

Images Used In The Video:

What you will learn:
How to-
- Build a responsive navbar from scratch
- Add unique link hover effects
- Use CSS variables
- Build an advanced image & theme slider from scratch
- Minimalistic website design
- Make the image slider automatic
- Make pagination and previuos/next controls for the slider
- Change the website theme when the slider activates
- Make the website responsive on all screen sizes. Booth width and height
- Build custom input fields with focus animations
- Make some amazing animations using only CSS and trigger them with Javascript
- Vertical text direction using CSS
- And much more...

Don't hesitate to ask for help if you face any trouble re-creating a project from any of my videos. I will gladly help :)

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