Complete HTML & CSS Course For Absolute Beginners (Introduction)

Welcome to the HTML and CSS course for absolute beginners, where you will acquire solid foundation in HTML and CSS in an absolutely practical way, and learn how to build websites from scratch to finish.
No previous coding experience required.

This course is well designed for absolute beginners, who are looking forward to learning HTML and CSS practically, without having to go through all the technical and unnecessary jargons found on the net.
As a beginner, it becomes difficult finding the right resources to start with, and where to even start from. If you are unlucky to come across the right course and the choice of language to learn first, it can destroy your motivation to code or even quit coding in your life. When I started first time in coding, I easily got bogged down with so much content because I think that, most of the courses that are found online are too much elaborate for absolute beginners to understand. So, I have designed this course knowing what is involved and how the beginner can get the whole thing very easily. In this course, you will learn only the most used concepts and the most essential ones.
To better assure you, you have come to the right course to start your coding carrier while keeping you motivated and never wanting to ever quit.
At the end of this course, we will combine all what we have learnt in this course to build a beautiful website and publish it. So stick to the end of this introuduction and not miss any important tip that could help you better understand the whole course easily.

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