Complete HTML Course in 2 hour | Full Stack Web Development in Hindi

complete #HTML course in 2 hour
in this video we will learn complete HTML course in #Hindi

introduction 00:00
installation of vs code 04:10
creating first html web page 08:24
basic html code 11:50
heading tag in html 16:41
paragraph tag in html 21:01
title tag in html 26:33
horizontal line in html 28:33
attribute in html 30:04
italic, small, subscript, superscript, delete text etc. 38:51
link or anchor tag in html 41:43
title of link in html 54:46
image tag in html 56:10
use image as a link in html 01:07:02
list, ordered list and unordered list in html 01:11:43
table tag in html 01:15:56
rowspan and colspan in table in html 01:24:50
ifram tag in html 01:33:32
insert you tube video in html 01:37:11
insert google map in html 01:39:36
emoji in html 01:42:53
audio tag in html 01:45:47
video tag in html 01:50:09
form, input text, email, radio, password, number, select, checkbox etc. 01:52:44

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