Complete Flutter Course Bundle - Flying High with Flutter #61

Hi everyone! We had a great time with Andrea Bizzotto. Andrea is a GDE for Flutter & Dart with experience in mobile app development. He creates videos on his YouTube channel "Code With Andrea" and shares learning materials on his blogs. In this episode, Andrea shared with us about the course he has made! Don’t miss out! Watch the video now and share it with your friends!

0:00 - Intro
0:35 - Andrea's Bio
2:20 - The idea for the course
8:46 - What do you think is the right way?
12:01 - People struggle more with the Business logic than the UI?
17:40 - Who is this course targeting?
20:59 - Course feedback
22:47 - When creating this course, did you have some beta testers?
27:06 - What makes your course different from others?
30:37 - Backend & Firebase
36:07 - Caching of data
40:45 - Things Andrea will consider for the 2nd course
42:30 - Livestream audience
43:46 - Allen shares a story of him messing up
44:25 - Some introduction for the 2 upcoming courses
51:07 - Course on Security
54:22 - Even with many experiences, there is no “The best way” to do things
59:25 - Estimated course completion & Course discount
1:00:28 - Biggest pain about making the course?
1:04:22 - Complete mock backend for the Covid rest course
1:09:02 - Audience: Do you do/test courses with Flutter master channel (Material 3)?
1:10:59 - Material You
1:12:21 - Mike Rydstrom on the show?

The Course:

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