Compact Guide to Web Design - Designing User Interface Elements

In this book, you will learn how to design visually appealing and user-friendly websites and interface elements. First, the most important basics of web design are explained, including topics such as color schemes, responsive web design, and usability. This is followed by descriptions of the purpose of user interface elements and best practices for using them. The best practices and design basics are illustrated with over 500 examples, including headers, footers, and buttons, among others.

You will also find lots of information for reference, such as an overview of suitable fonts, as well as a collection of recommended design systems, blogs, resources, and tools.

The book is recommended by Europes biggest IT magazine c't:

"If you don't want to laboriously work out visual mechanisms and conventions by reading studies and basic literature, you will find valuable suggestions and well-founded considerations in the book by experienced web designer Christoph Kolloge, which can be directly implemented in your own practice."

IT magazine c't, issue 20/2021 (translated from German)

You can download a free 40-page reading sample with a complete chapter at www.webdesign-compact.com

The book is available on amazon.com and gumroad.com:

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