Community Update November 1, 2021 | The Funded Trader

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In our fifth official Community Update video, we cover the October Review, Broker Updates, System Updates

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28:57 When will the leaderboard winners be announced?
36:48 Carlos talked about own TFT MT4, when it's coming? any update?
38:54 You can use purple trading for evaluation but only Nash is available for funding, correct?
29:25 Why are you avoiding copy trading
41:48 When will TradingView be implemented?
42:48 Why does it take so long to get the funded account?
46:35 Any possibility of getting MT5 earlier?
47:04 TFT should consider Global Prime for your real live funded broker
47:27 Is there any possibility to fix the crypto spread?
48:27 Did the error cause drawdown emails to be sent out?
49:19 When will you start biweekly payment?
49:50 Could we add DXY as an instrument to the new broker setup that you are working on. (For analysis purposes)
50:05 If a challenge is failed, does “ The Funded Trader Company” offer any type of discounted retake price ?
50:32 Do you plan to increase the scalping plan?
52:34 After completing both stages of the challenge. 1-2, I noticed the payout example date. Is that when we obtain the account after a challenge?
53:15 Hello, once you already have a partner broker, can the older traders transfer to that broker given that they're already in purple or nash market?
53:47 What separates TFT from all other prop firms?
55:46 Give some tips to the beginner. Any useful materials, channels or resources?
58:50 Hi, when will the 1 million dollar account launch??
59:43 Will we consider reducing the target ?
1:01:47 Angelo, I have another question. If you are a lifetime member and you pass your 8% and you also win on the LeaderBoard, would you get two accounts, one for each?
1:03:14 Is it possible to get a payout in 2 pieces to two different providers, čets say 50% to BTC and 50% to Wise ?
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