Color Theory Tutorial For Web Design

This is a complete web development Bootcamp 2022. In this video a new playlist is announced where you will learn web design, especially focusing on 4 pillars of web design; typography, UI, UX, and color theory. This video is about color theory, the moods behind colors, and two free sources to use in web design.

Time Lapse:
Introduction- 00:16
Color theory- 00:30
Moods behind colors- 00:50
Free sources for web design- 05:28
Conclusion- 08:45
Coming up next- 09:08

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The packages used in the atom that are recommended are as follows:
1. atom-ternjs
2. autoclose-html-plus
3. emmet
4. ssslint
5. pigments
6. language-ejs
7. atom-beautify

The resources that will help you in the journey are as follows:

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