CodeGrade Webinar: Grading Web Development in CodeGrade (8 October 2021)

Learn everything you need to know to start manually and automatically grading your Web Development courses. We will go over grading basic HTML and CSS websites, autograding JavaScript and autograding SQL in CodeGrade. We are also very excited to have our first teacher showcase in this webinar: Johan Holmberg and Anton Tibblin from the Malmö University in Sweden will show how their teaching team uses Jest and Selenium to autograde user interfaces in a very powerful and flexible way!

Johan's GitHub page for Selenium + CodeGrade: https://github.com/koddas/selenium-with-jest-on-codegrade

Recorded on 8 October 2021
Presentation by:
- Devin Hillenius, Co-Founder @ CodeGrade
- Anton Tibblin, Instructor Computer Science @ Malmö University
- Johan Holmberg, Instructor Computer Science @ Malmö University

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