Code your own portfolio – HTML & CSS basics| Class-8

In these classes we’re going to code designer’s portfolio which means that we’re going to learn HTML & CSS basics by implementing the layout step-by-step.

The goal of these classes is to show you that code is a great tool for UI & UX designers to express their ideas in the real environment for their projects which is a web browser.

After the course you’ll be able to better handoff your projects to developers and better speak their language.

Have ever tried tweaking existing HTML templates for Wordpress? This course is going to help you to easily adjust them to your needs.

What your going to learn:

HTML tags
CSS basics and properties
Implementing Google Fonts on the website
Using dev tools in a web browser
Who is this course for?

The course is dedicated for UI & UX designers who would like to start learning HTML & CSS by practical examples.

Prior coding knowledge is not required. We will cover basics step by step, so you will be able to follow along.


The resource package:

Web design
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